Antispasmodic Tablets

  We have sufficient expertise in manufacturing a wide range of high quality Antispasmodics Tablets that can effectively suppress muscle spasms. They can prevent spasms of the stomach, intestine or urinary bladder. Our products perform as a strong and selective action on the smooth muscle spasm. They do not have any acetylcholine side effects. We use high grade and approved ingredients in making these drugs. You can access our Antispasmodics Tablets at a very comfortable cost.



Antispasmodic Medicines

Those who are looking for high quality Antispasmodics Medicines can take our products that promise to give maximum satisfaction at minimum cost. Users can take these medicines for suppressing muscle spasms that would not render any side effects. Our company is undertaking good manufacturing practice to ensure users get reliable products. We are approved by the concerned authority for producing and marketing of such items. People can find our Antispasmodics Medicines at an affordable price.

Specifications: Product Composition

  • Uverine-80mg - Drotaverine 80mg Tablets
  • Uverine – Mf - Drotaverine 80mg, Mefenemic Acid 250 Mg Tablets