Antivertigo Medicines



We have specialisation in producing Antivertigo Medicines that have vestibular suppressant properties to treat this problem.  The major vestibular suppressants are Anti-cholinergic and Anti-histamine drugs. The main symptoms of vertigo include a feeling of light headedness. There is a variety of drugs that we manufacture for the treatment of vertigo, including benzodiazepines, sympathomimetics, histaminergic agents, and calcium antagonists. You can find our Antivertigo Medicines at a very reasonable cost in the market.



Anti Vertigo Medicines

We are one of the trusted names in manufacturing high quality and reliable Antivertigo Medicines. Our products are free from any side effects like light-headedness and/or imbalance such as some blood pressure medications (anti-hypertensive). We use high standard ingredients and advanced technology in making these medicines to ensure good quality and powerful effects within a given period of time. You can find our Antivertigo Medicines like Cinnarizine 20 mg and Domperidone 15mg at a very affordable price in the market.


  • Vestibular suppressant drugs
  • Minimal of no side effects
  • Effective anti-emetics
  • Powerful pharmacological agents